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Marvin Yellowbird
Chairman of the Board
Chairman's Message
This was another successful year for the insurance company building on the momentum we had coming out of last year. The double-digit growth and exceptional profitability has brought our company to one of more substantial size. The entire Board of Directors acknowledges the positive work being done by management to lead through another year, which once again remained mainly under COVID-19 restrictions. The decisions through these uncertain times have not always been easy but the Board has fully supported management. The financial strength of our company is better than ever, and we are moving in a positive direction.
This year saw some changes to the members of our Board. We welcomed 4 new directors: Gary Timlick, Koren Lightning-Earle, Charlene Bruno, and Dr. Shauna Bruno. These individuals strengthen our team, bringing expertise in insurance, legal, governance and leadership. Meanwhile, we said goodbye to Kurt Buffalo, Elizabeth Rowan, and Kevin Buffalo and we thank them for the years of service they have given to the Board and for their part in helping to shape the future of the insurance company.
As Chairman, and on behalf of the entire Board, I want to acknowledge the employees of our company who have been the backbone to our success and momentum through the past few years. We realize that getting through the challenges of the pandemic was only made possible by the commitment and perseverance of our people and their dedication to the company’s success is valued and appreciated.
In closing, the outstanding results and capital growth have put the company in a great position to achieve its long-term strategic goals. The future is promising, and we share a collective belief as a Board in the success and progression of our company will continue.